Many thanks for all your help. My guests loved the Sky Lanterns and they were a brilliant addition to my party, great way to end an evening.

Extremely fast delivery and a great product.

Joe & Amy
Many thanks for the lanterns which we launched last Saturday at our wedding. They were fantastic and mesmerized everyone – a great finale to end our special day.

Loved my Sky Lanterns so much, couldn’t off asked for a better ending to my night. My family and friends loved them so much I’ve given out your number and website, so expect a lot of deliveries.

Thank you so much for all your help and quick delivery. What a beautiful product a Sky Lantern is, I couldn’t have pictured a more beautiful way to end an evening.

Thank you, what a lovely surprise my husband gave me on my birthday. Glowing lanterns rising into the night sky, truly a beautiful sight

Had a small house party one weekend and order some Sky lanterns to let off in the evening to celebrate my birthday, I was told I would be amazed but WOW these really are one of the beautiful and incredible things I’ve ever seen, really were a great addition to my party.

Had great fun letting off some sky lanterns with my little boy, I bought the Alien sky lantern and we both wrote a message on the side and watched it float away. Brilliant sight my little one loved it.

What an unbelievable display. Thank you so much for the quick delivery and brilliant products.

Even better than a fireworks display! Truly is a beautiful memorable display, I will be using Sky Lanterns at many more parties and displays./strong