Consumers Guide

The Packaging

You can learn an awful lot about the packaging of the product. The higher quality sky lanterns usually come packaged in an outer protective box and a cellophane wrapper to ensure that the lanterns stay damage free and arrive in perfect condition, the lower quality sky lanterns will either come loose in bundles with no outer packaging or in a thin cheap cellophane wrapper that can rip easily.

When you receive your Sky Lanterns you will be able to see the quality much better. If your sky lanterns come in a thin cellophane wrapper and the general packaging looks cheap, the chances are you have a low quality product. If you are looking at a high grade sky lantern the cellophane packaging should be thicker will no creases. The instructions will be in colour and will be written in English and the whole round presentations of the sky lanterns will look professional and in perfect condition.

What to check for when opening the lantern

When you remove the lantern from the packaging, you will be able to tell right away if it’s a good quality product. The paper of the lantern should be thick and well folded. A lower quality sky lantern will have much thinner paper and will look creased and crumpled from poor folding. Some cheaper lanterns can also have a damp smell and can have mould growing inside of them.

The Fuel cell and string

Each fuel cell has a protective cover wrapped around it to ensure that the paper is not being damaged by anything rubbing against the fuel cell. When in transit sky lanterns can be exposed to different temperatures. By covering the fuel cell, there is completely no way the lantern can be damaged by any liquid or substance coming off the fuel cell.

Each lantern is also packaged with a silica gel packet which removes moisture from the sky lanterns. This works with both the paper and the fuel cell so the outcome is a completely dry lantern with no damp smell when you open it.

The string used is completely degradable, very strong and does not burn. This makes sure that the lanterns fuel cell is 100% secure and will not come off at anytime.


You should always buy your sky lanterns from a reputable retailer, ideally a specialists like ourselves or an all year round firework shop.  This way you are guaranteed to get a high quality sky lantern product with no headaches.

Things to check for:

  • Always buy from a reputable retailer or all year round Firework Shop
  • Always check the packaging
  • Check the lantern for any tears
  • Make sure the fuel cell is covered
  • Check the thickness of the eco-string
  • Always buy bamboo frame, not wire

You should expect to pay more for a good quality Sky Lantern. Low cost lanterns might look good, but do not be fooled. Ask questions and double check the quality because your safety and your guests safety is priority.

Always check the quality of the packaging and never be afraid to ask questions about sky lanterns In particular look for good quality paper, a bamboo frame and a non–drip fuel cell.

Always buy lanterns which are 100% biodegradable and have eco-string fuel supports. Sky lanterns with metal wire should be avoided at all cost, these are an out dated product and are dangerous to live stock and the environment.